Legal Aid Day.

In our quest to continue on our path of providing relevant resources and tools for Empowerment of women in our country, we today (22/04/2017), held our first official Legal Aid Day for our Affiliate members as an Organisation. The event  was held under the theme: “Increasing Legal Awareness and Empowerment among Women to Ensure Better Justice Delivery.”

Our Legal Aid clinic which falls under our schedule of active programs this year, is specifically tailor made to lay emphasis on legal literacy and increase legal awareness amongst the Affiliate Members of the Organisation, especially those who live in far off areas and where literacy and more importantly, Legal Literacy is lacking. 

As Narendra Modi once argued, Free Legal Service is an Inalienable Element of Reasonable Fair and Justice Procedure and ZWWS Plays a Critical Role in ensuring that this Constitutional Guarantee is secured through provision of such a service to its Affiliate members.

As ZWWS, we realise that the importance of making people aware of their legal rights and duties, becomes more acute where marginalized groups like the women we work with,and the less priveledged or poor are concerned. Information shared on a day like today therefore falls perfectly in line with one of our objectives, which is that of helping to empower women with relevant legal information needed to help them navigate the legal terrian as, and when it applies to them.

The presentation followed a good outline made of the intestate succession act, with a detailed breakdown of :-
☆Issues to do with administrators of an estate and what to do if your spouse dies without a will.
☆Ones rights as a beneficiary Vis a vis other beneficiaries.
☆ Some solid points on being proactive to ensure you protect yourself as a wife or beneficiary to an estate.
☆How to not be caught unaware.
 ☆Also where to seek assistance from should you need clarity on issues concerning death and property settlement.

Our facilitator also ably tackled:-

☆The employment environment; issues to do with what constitutes sexual harrassment, entitlements, leave packages, maternity leave etc.

☆how to protect oneself as a Business owner e.t.c.

All in all, it was a package that had bits and pieces of almost every legal situation that could arise at any given time in a womans life.

We certainly look forward to more of such mind enriching & progressive events in future.

ZWWS: ” Changing the lives of Zambian Women, one Woman at a Time.”

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Note from Veep.




Its the fourth month into the year 2017, and as we flag off our second quarter activities for the Organisation, we continue to rely on the passion we have for Women Empowerment, to continue to drive our resolve.

With our Core Values being:- Excellence, Accountability, Intergrity and Innovativeness, we seek to create a Zambia were Women are given an equal opportunity to explore their potential to limitless heights without discrimination on physical, social, educational or age lines. We seek to remain accountable to the parties we serve, deligently carrying out our mandate to the best of our abilities.

As we row out the contents of our Strategic Plan for the the next 5 years, we are excited as an Organisation about the strategic direction we propose to pursue. A direction we are confident, promises to place us on a tragectory of steady growth in the next 5 years.

We continue to realise the potential that lies in Women Empowerment for the overrall good of our country as a whole. Guided by the dictates of our Consititution, we understand our role to exhibit servant leadership in the various communities we seek to serve as well as the individual clusters of women we shall encounter all across the country.

Ours is indeed a mamoth task, but we believe in collaboration as a key element in our goal to “Serve.” We understand that alone we can move fast, but together we can move further ahead. We therefore remain open to approach and fruitful dialogue from those who are on the same path as we are, or those with whom we share common ground i.e Objectives and Goals.

We continue to seek better methods and ideas of engaging the Women which we serve by constantly refining our goals and networking strategies. And because the greater good of our designed programs overrides the need for monetary gain, our humble appeal goes to all those that feel they can have a part to play in helping us achieve our overrall goals through Volunteerism. If you feel you are in a position to rend your skill, knowledge or expertise in any area that you feel can be beneficial to the parties we serve, then you are welcome to join us as a Volunteer that we can call upon as, and when we would need your service.

To initiate contact with us, kindly contact us on the following details:

Phone: +260968424648.

We remain committed to “Changing the lives of Zambian Women, one woman at a time.”


The Money in the Passion.


Some body once asserted that what one focuses on grows, and what one pays attention to, develops a life of its own, either in a postive manner or otherwise. As an Organisation, one of the reasons why we are in existance, is to help steer up a desire within local Zambian Women, to begin to work towards identifying and growing unique talents, passions and skills, to levels were they are able to effectively translate them into sustainable streams of income.

What we propose as an Organisation, is a suitable platform were Women are exposed to the right networks, the right resources, the right tools and the right environment, in order to be able to build their capacity to effectively translate practical skills into monetary value.

We believe every woman we encounter has the ability to translate a passion or an acquired skill, into a sustainable business. It is for this reason, that our Main Package or Service has been tailor made to cater to the skills identification and training needs of 3 kinds of Women:

1. The Educated/Semi Educated Woman who has a skill and is in formal employment but with no job fulfilment and would like a smooth transition into the business world by capitalising on her skill. Or may be trying to create a meeting point or balance between her formal job and a skills based business.

2. The Uneducated/Semi Educated Woman that has a skill but with no proper technical knowledge of how to translate the skill into a sustainable income.

3. The Educated/ Uneducated woman that has no idea what skill they have or which skill to work on.

So weather you are already in formal employment or not, educated, semi educated or not educated at all, you still have an opportunity to explore our resources and expertise, to help you turn your passion or skill into a sustainable stream of income for your self and your family.

And and to re-echo the sentiments of one young inspiring woman, who was recently named among the top 100 most influencial women in Nigeria, who is also A white House emerging Global Entrepreneur and a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow, she states:

“…Every passion can be transmitted into a business if you are ready to think hard enough about it… How hard are you set to think about monetising your passion?” Adepeju Jaiyeoba.

This 2017, purpose to expose yourself to the relevant networks and the relevant resources to help you become self sustaining as a woman, by developing practical skills within you. Skills that you can then use to create employment for yourself and others around you.

We reamin commited to helping improve the lives of Zambian women through skills training, entrepreneurship, mentorship, networking, promotion and corporation.

Get in touch with us on:-

Business Line: +260968424648
Twitter: @Zedwws


Affiliate Member Benefits.


Zambian Women With Skills as an Organisation, primarily focuses on helping local Zambian women identify their God given talents and skills, harness them and effectively translate them into sustainable vehicles of wealth creation.

This focus is borne out of a passion for Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship at various levels. We understand that the richest and most successful nation on earth, is one, whose citizens, understand the importance of individualised Patrotism for ones’ nation. We are therefore committed to creating a Zambia, were women are given an opportunity through the platform of our Organisation, to acquire the relevant tools and resources needed to create sustainable income for themselves and their families.

Why you may want to join the Organization…

Some of the member benefits are, but not limited to the following:-

-Members that officially belong to the Organisation are entitled to a certain amount of publicity, sponsorship, and advertising of skills and subsequent services of products borne out of their skills in question.

-The Organisation is currently in the process of formulating different sections (facets) of skills grooming in which specific members may be engaged to carry out trainings on behalf of the Organisation of which a % of the proceeds realised from the carried out training will be given to the member engaged. This percentage cut shall be at the discretion of the Board.

– Members have the privilege of being a part of an unspecified number of In-house trainings, tailor made to help them acquire new skills and knowledge for their individual benefit.

-Members are able to use the cover of the Organization to get personal projects and businesses as they relate to their skill set known by the Organization.

– Members get an opportunity to become integrated in our ever growing network which directly translates into them being able to utilise these various networks for professional development opportunities.

– Members have an opportunity to get Mentorship as is related to their specific needs.

-Other Member benefits are expressly communicated to the general membership once corporately agreed upon by the Board.

ZWWS: “Changing the Lives of Zambian Women, one Woman at a Time.”


To join us, kindly contact us on the following:
Phone: +260 968 424 648.

The Red Flame Initiative.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Mahatma Ghandi.
Re-echoing the sentiments of Ghandi, truelly, no greater joy and fulfilment exists for humans than that of selfless service for the greater good of others. Volunteerism is one of the most noble undertakings any human being can ever pursue. The very act of rendering your skills, expertise, knowledge and resources for the improvement of the life of another, without expecting any monetary return, takes a person who understands the amazing power of giving, and giving that comes with an open heart. Such kind of giving is never in vain, as you will not have only helped improve the life of another, but also sown a generous seed for yourself that is bound to one day yield a reward from God himself.

One of the underlying reasons why I founded ZWWS, was because of my passion for both Women Empowerment and Entreprenuership at various levels. Given my professional background as a teacher however, I realised that so many Girls that have passed through my hands as pupils, have not really had alot of positive role models within their communities that they could look up to for Mentorship. These girls are usually between the ages of 13 and 18 and are often faced with the confusing task of trying to navigate their way through puberty usually through the trail and error proccess. 
Given this background, as an Organisation, we therefore set out to create a Mentorship Program called the Red Flame Initiative, which seeks to Mentor, Inspire and Motive young girls within the 13 to 18 year age bracket, to be able to find their true purpose in life. The platform accords the Girls an opportunity to recieve Mentorship, Skills Development as well as several Networking Opportunities to help ably prepare them for life after Secondary School.
Building off the overrall Vision of Zambian Women With Skills as an Organisation, this platform is not in any way a break away from ZWWS and what is stands for. What it does instead offer, is a suitable foundation upon which these Girls can then make a smooth transition into the umbrella Organisation as Affiliate Members.
In order to ensure that the Program’s objectives are ably met, the program shall take on a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 Girls per stream, for a period of 12 months each (1 year), after which the Girls are to be released from the program and another group engaged for the same purpose. The program is since underway with the first cluster of Girls engaged.
We anticipate that, through this platform, an unlimited number of young Secondary School going Girls, will be provided with the relevant tools needed to become more rounded and confident young Adults.
ZWWS: “Changing the lives of Zambian Women, One Woman at a Time.”

Empowerment Through Skills Training.

As an Organisation, we continue to stand for Women Empowerment, in oder to help improve the lives of local Zambian women through Skills Training, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Mentorship, Promotion and Corporation.
The practical Skills Training that the Organisation conducts offers local women a chance to use the acquired Skills for personal or commercial purposes. This directly translates into an opportunity to help beat Zambia’s unemployment and stagnating income generation challenges that the majority of our country’s population faces. Our choice to work with Women as an organization, is a delibarate move, because we are well aware that it is women who largely contribute to poverty reduction at household level and growth of micro enterprises at national level.

As an affiliate member of the Organisation, Edna, a Business Studies lecturer at the Copperbelt University and also a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, had this to say about the Organisation…

“Zambian Women With Skills not only empowers me with a huge network and support system of women that are hard working and like minded, but it also gives me an opportunity to contribute in another way aside from my usual Academic duties.” Edna Kabala Litana.

To join the Organisation, kindly get in touch with us on:

Email: zambianwomenwithskills@gmailcom
Phone: +260 968 424 648.
Office Address: Plot 44004 Libala, Waterworks, Lusaka.

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Thursday dose of Inspiration…


Over the years, she has worn many hats, that today make her one of the most influencial and inspiring women in Zambia. As a renowned Legal Practictitioner, Investment Consultant, Human Rights Champion, Community Developer and Farmer, Dr. Maureen Mwanawasa still believes in the power that lies in skills harnessing. She believes in the power of “Women Empowerment,” because it is women, that have the unique ability to steer the resource pool within a home, and ultimately at National Level, through their Resourcefulness and Innovativeness especially at household level.

In her own words she urges….

“Let us sing from the song sheet of our own resources. Our ability to multi task as women should always be considered as a strength that should be utilised at any given opportunity. As women, we have the ability to grow any skill we get exposed to, simply because we are “nurturers’ and are able to grow any skill to Commercial levels. A woman can turn any idea or skill into a sustainable income generating tool, the most important thing is to allow yourself any opportunity of learning presented to you.” Maureen Mwanawasa.

Do you have a practical skill that you feel you can teach another woman? Are you willing to pass on the same knowledge that you have, to one or more women, that may not be able to afford to pay for a structured course but are desperate to learn something that they can translate into an income generating tool? If that is you, then we urge you to reach out to us so we can initiate the process of Volunteerism on your part. As an Organisation, we are always excited to take on more Volunteers to help us spread our activities further while effectively meeting our objectives.

Under our “Learn a Skill Program, as a Volunteer, you get an opportunity to teach other women your own acquired skill, thereby Empowering them with a Poverty fighting tool, which they can in turn utilise to create employment for them selves.

Get in touch with us on:
Phone: +260 968 424 648
Office Address: Plot 44004 Libala Waterworks Lusaka.

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