Legal services are an important consideration for any business owner, but especially for small business owners, who often face a number of legal hurdles. This is especially true for women like Marketers who, because of the high costs of retaining a lawyer, often feel as if competent legal services are out of reach for them. 

At ZWWS, we believe no woman should be left behind in being given an opportunity to acquire the relevant Legal knowledge needed for them to effectively manage their businesses. 

A Huge thank you to the amazing team for the job well done during the Marketers Legal Aid Session held yesterday 22nd July 2017.👏👏👏👏😍😍😍

The session is part of our overrall goal to help improve the lives of Zambian Women through skills identification & training, entrepreneurship, mentorship, networking, promotion and corporation.

ZWWS: ” Changing the Lives of Zambian Women, one Woman at a Time.”




On 25th of May 2017, various Africa Freedom Day celebratory activities were marked all across the continent. As an Organisation, our day was marked by a structured visit to a correctional facility were we decided to give out a gift in form of teaching a practical “Skill” of Jewellery Making & Basic Financial Literacy, to a group of amazing women that are currently serving time at Lusaka’s Central Prison here in Zambia.

We strongly believe in the progressive power of positive partnerships and collaborations. And as an Organisation, we learnt this reality early enough to know that our progressive strength lies in our ability to leverage off the knowledge and expertise/skills of those that are becoming a part of our ever growing network both as “friends” of the Organisation and Volunteers.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Mother of Millions Foundation being run by a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, Ms Nyangu Mkalipi (a volunteer banker), Ms Thabo Masiye of Thabos Jewels & Trends equally a 2017 MWF as well as Ms Racheal Msimuko, also a 2017 MWF, we were able to interact with about 30 soon to be released women, who we strongly believe need to be ably prepared for re-intergration into their various communities post incarceration. We believe true freedom for these women, can only be fully realised once they attain economic independence through the acquisition of a sustainable stream of income. 

As ZWWS therefore, we believe the Skill and information shared with them is something they will definately be able to fall back on once released back into society. The ethusiasm and willingness to learn, shown by these women is enough to give us hope that truelly, our efforts to Empower women are not in vain. 

We would like to thank all those that took time off their busy schedules to be a part of this amazing Africa Freedom Day Entrepreneurship training.

☆Kindly note that no Inmates have been photographed within the pictures attached to this post due to a statutory inmate visitation regulation.

A Happy Africa Freedom Day to you all!!❤❤
ZWWS: “Changing the lives of Zambian Women one Woman at a Time.”




Inspiration Sunday.


As a Skills based Organisation, Our main Package/Service has been designed to cater to the needs of 3 kinds of women:

1. The Educated/Semi Educated Woman who has a skill and is in formal employment but with no job fulfilment, and would like a smooth transition into the business world by capitalising on her skill, or maybe would like to just create a balance between her formal Job and a side Business.

2. The Uneducated/Semi Educated woman that has a skill but with no proper technical knowledge of how to translate the skill into a sustainable income.

3. The Educated/ Uneducated woman that has no idea what skill they have or which skill to work on.

Of the 3 Women mentioned above, is Woman number 1, who may be Educated but not really sure about her ability to start and run a business successfully. Below are words drawn from a young lady who is herself, a qualified Economist but has decided to explore her Entrepreneurial capabilities, and has proved over time that it is possible to use your acquired Education to create successful employment for oneself.

Her name is Thabo Joy Masiye and shes the Proprietor of Thabo’s Jewels & Trends.

In her own words, she argues that:-

“Being an Entrepreneur does NOT mean you’re throwing away your degree. No.

It simply means you’re allowing yourself to think outside the box that education has planted you in and explore the many opportunities the world has at your disposal.

I’m still and always will be an Economist/ Auditor and I apply what I learnt into my business E.g identifying the gaps in the market and wala🤗 a new business idea is born.

Your mind is Great. Success is on the other side of your fears.

Give it a try, if not don’t waste your time just thinking about it. Your dreams will always knock on the door until you answer.

Encourage your friends or children to follow their dreams. You have to try to know if you will succeed or fail.”

So there you have it dear Woman. This, coming from an Economist turned Fashion Designer, who is making tremendous strides within the industry and being successful at it, is enough to inspire you to equally pursue a possible business idea that you may have been toying with for a while.

Sometimes, all you need is to take the first step and everything else begins to fall in place. Even if you are already in formal employment, our argument, is that you are still capable of creating multiple streams of income for yourself through exploring practical skills within you, that you probably dont even know you can harness. So go on and dare to pursue something new this year!! Better to have tried out something, than nothing at all.😉😉


“Makeup Artistry” as a Business Workshop (29/04/17).


As an Organisation, our major Objective is to help provide local women with relevant resources and tools needed to help them discover and hone practical skills, thereby effectively translating them into sustainable streams of income for themselves.

As a followup on this goal, one of our structured events for our 2nd quarter activities, was to be a special Makeup Artistry Workshop for our Copperbelt ladies.This workshop was held yesterday the 29th of April 2017, At the Copperbelt University’s Entrepreneurship Centre, whose main focus was exploring:-

☆The different faces of the industry.
☆Basics in Skin Care and Makeup (Products &Application).
☆Different Career paths within the Industry.
☆Business Complaince as it relates to the Makeup Business.
☆Older and Newer Trends in the Industry.
☆Market Research.

We would like to thank our Partners, The Copperbelt University’s Entrepreneurship Centre, Nandila’s Makeup Trends, Our Volunteers as well as all our Participants that were able to come through for the event, thereby, making it a success.

We remain commited to improving the lives of Zambian Women, through Skills Training, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Mentorship, Promotion and Co-operation.